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In The Hands Of A Strict Bitch CBT Mistress....

My wife said I was a bossy husband and needed to learn to respect women. She decided to send me to this real c-u-n-t of a woman known as a "CBT Mistress". I had no idea that I was about to suffer some harsh Penis Humiliation at the hands of this bitch....Fist thing she did was strip me naked and made me stand there while She Inspects My Cock. I was told I had a small penis and that I was to be punished because of that. Know what she did next? She Whips My Little Cock!.... Then she makes me lie still while she gets out her tools of fiendish cock torture and She Tightens A Strap Around My Ball Sac!... I was mortified at this treatment but she just smiled and then She Laughs At My Cock! ...I thought this was too much, but it was just the start of her "husband correction" session. I was to lie there while She Pulls My Cock And Scolds Me!...What the fuck, I'm thinking? But before I could move a muscle She Whips My Cock Again!...Then she starts talking to me like a mother does to her son and She Strokes My Erection!...I felt myself become her slave and wanted to serve this crazy woman with all my heart. So then she smiles and She Pulls My Cock Really Hard!...Finally she stepped back and put her hand into her panties, pulls them down enough so I can see her pussy and then she laughs and She Masturbates Over My Limp Cock! Can you imagine such a thing?

But now I'm her sissy slave and can't wait for the next time MISTRESS HUMILIATES MY PENIS!

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